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ایک ربوٹ اور انسان کے درمیان محبّت کا انجام کیا ہوگا ؟ “ایک ماں جسکا بچہ ایک لا علاج  بیماری میں مبتلا تھا جس کے متبادل کے طور  گھر میں ایک روبوٹک بچہ لا یا گیا – کہانی ایک انسانی  ماں اور مشینی بچے کے درمیان بڑھتے پیار کی – لیکن پھر وہ ہوا جس کے لئے انسان بدنامی ہیں، یعنی  لاپرواہی، بے وفائی ، اور ظلم …

کیا محبّت کی قیمت ایک ربوٹ چکا پاے گا ، مگر کیسے ؟ پڑھیے اور محسوس کریں اس شہکار کہانی  میں –

Super Toys

“Super Toys Urdu” is a science fiction short story , In a future where polar ice caps have melted due to global warming, there will be tremendous flooding and the eviction of millions of people. Since there is a stringent one-child ban in place in this society, many couples are resorting to robotic children to fill the vacuum.

Super Toys Urdu is translated by with easily understandable Urdu words. A graphical presentation has been added just for a better reading experience. 

David, a young boy who is a highly developed robotic child created to look and act like a real human child, is the protagonist of the tale. A couple who are mourning the loss of their real son and are looking for a replacement by David. David forms a strong emotional bond with his “mother,” despite being a robot. Love, loss, and the nature of humanity are among the themes explored in the narrative.

The morality of creating sentient beings and the interaction between humans and robots are issues raised by the story. It is a provocative examination of how technology and people intersect.

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