Sense And Sensibility

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اس دنیا سے جاتے ہوئے باپ کے پاس اتنی جمع پونجی بھی نہیں کہ وہ اپنی بیٹیوں کو چھت تک دے سکتا، سوتیلے بھائی کا پیار بھی دکھاوا نکلا ، ایک گھر جو  بچا تھا اسے بھی چھیننے کے لئے  سوتیلی بھابھی کی سازش ۔ ان سب حالات سے لڑتی ایک فیملی کی کہانی ۔ 

امیری اور غریبی میں الجھی محبّت ، جس کے قول و اقرار  بھی ریت کی طرح  مٹھی سے سرکتے جائیں ۔ ایک کہانی جسکے ہر موڑ پر ہے ایک نیا دھچکہ …

Sense And Sensibility In Urdu

“Sense and Sensibility in Urdu” is the title of a translation of Jane Austen’s famous work “Sense and Sensibility.” The journey of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood through the complexities and challenges of 18th-century English society is tracked in this book. Elinor embodies “sense,” whereas Marianne epitomizes “sensibility” with her pragmatic and analytical view on life. Marianne represents “sensibility” with her passionate and emotional attitude.

This well-known novel has been translated into Urdu so that speakers of that language who are also readers can enjoy the story, characters, and concepts of the book in their language. The translator skillfully rendered Austen’s original prose into Urdu so that it would be understandable to those who might not know that language.

This adaptation of “Sense and Sensibility in Urdu” is a lovely addition to any collection and provides a new angle on a time-honored novel , proudly provided by This Urdu translation of Jane Austen’s original work is certain to enthrall and delight you with its wit, comedy, and understanding of human nature whether you are a fan of her work or are unfamiliar with the plot.

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