Pride and Prejudice

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پوری دنیا میں 210 سالوں سے مشہور ایک محبت کی کہانی جو اب بھی شروع کی طرح تازہ ہے۔ یہ محبت، فخر اور خاندانی حیثیت کے درمیان لڑائی کی کہانی ہے۔ ایک امیر آدمی اور اس کا خاموش دوست، ایک ایسے گاؤں میں پہنچنا جہاں زیادہ تر لڑکیاں غیر شادی شدہ ہیں لیکن ایک امیر آدمی کس لڑکی کا انتخاب کرے گا۔ ؟

1813 میں اس کی فوری کامیابی کے بعد سے، فخر اور تعصب انگریزی زبان کے مقبول ترین ناولوں میں سے ایک رہا ہے۔ جین آسٹن نے اس شاندار کام کو “اپنا ڈارلنگ چائلڈ” کہا۔

“Pride and Prejudice” is a novel by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. The story follows the Bennet family, particularly the second oldest daughter Elizabeth, navigating social expectations and romantic relationships in Georgian-era England.

The novel begins with the arrival of Mr. Bingley, a wealthy bachelor, in the neighborhood of the Bennet family. Mrs. Bennet hopes to marry off one of her five daughters to him, but Elizabeth catches the attention of Mr. Bingley’s friend, the proud and wealthy Mr. Darcy.

Despite Mr. Darcy’s initial disdain for Elizabeth and her family, the two gradually develop feelings for each other. However, their relationship is threatened by misunderstandings, pride, and the interference of others, including the conniving Mr. Wickham and the snobbish Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

Pride and Prejudice in Urdu 

The novel Pride and Prejudice in Urdu are available here. Read free online in any form it as Urdu has been a widely spoken language for centuries, and translation between Urdu and other languages has been happening for just as long.

However, the methods used for the translation of pride and prejudice into Urdu have evolved over time, especially with the development of machine translation and language learning tools. With the help of these tools, it has become easier to understand large volumes of text quickly and accurately from various languages into Urdu.

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Key Points Of Pride and Prejudice in Urdu 

Translating Pride and Prejudice into the Urdu language involves several key points:

Urdu proficiency: 

B papers translators of Urdu are proficient in both the source language that is english and Urdu.  They have a strong understanding of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary in the Urdu language to accurately convey the meaning of the original text.

Cultural awareness: 

The translator of Pride and Prejudice in Urdu has a good understanding of the cultural context of both languages to ensure that the translated text is culturally appropriate and relevant to the target audience.

Style and Tone: 

Our Urdu Translator considers the style and tone of the original text and finds a way to maintain the author’s voice while also ensuring that the translated text reads smoothly and naturally in the Urdu language. 

Editing and proofreading: 

Once the initial translation is completed, the translated text has been reviewed and edited for accuracy and clarity in Urdu. 

Meaning in Urdu

The title “Pride and Prejudice” in Urdu may be meaning as “غرور اور تعصب”.

“غرور” (ghuroor) means pride, arrogance, or haughtiness, while “تعصب” (ta’assub) means prejudice, bias, or narrow-mindedness.

Together, “غرور اور تعصب” (ghuroor aur ta’assub) conveys the idea of the novel, which explores the themes of social class, pride, and preconceived notions that can lead to misunderstandings and missed opportunities for love and happiness.


Pride and Prejudice” is a novel of Jane Austen published in 1813. The story follows the lives of the Bennet family, particularly the second eldest daughter, Elizabeth, as they navigate love, marriage, and social status in early 19th-century England.

The novel begins with the arrival of the wealthy and eligible Mr. Bingley in the town of Hertfordshire. Where he meets and falls in love with the eldest Bennet’s daughter, Jane. Mr. Bingley’s friend, the proud and wealthy Mr. Darcy, also becomes interested in the Bennet family. Though he initially snubs Elizabeth due to her lower social status and the crude behavior of her mother and younger sisters.

As the story progresses, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s relationship is complicated. Beause of misunderstandings and their own prejudices, while Jane’s relationship with Mr. Bingley is threatened by the interference of his sisters and the scheming of their own mother. Meanwhile, the youngest Bennet daughter, Lydia, elopes with the unscrupulous Mr. Wickham, causing scandal and threatening the family’s reputation.

Eventually, Mr. Darcy recognizes his love for Elizabeth and overcomes his pride to propose to her, which she accepts. Lydia’s situation through the intervention of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s uncle, and the novel concludes with the happy marriages of Jane and Mr. Bingle. And Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, as well as the reformation of Mr. Darcy’s haughty character. Novel “Pride and Prejudice” has widely regarded as one of the greatest works of English literature.

Pride and Prejudice is Famous For: 

“Pride and Prejudice” is a classic novel of English literature. It is familiar for its witty social commentary, sharp characterization, and romantic plot. It has adaption into numerous film, television, and stage adaptations . And remains beloved As the novel progresses, Elizabeth must navigate the societal pressures of marriage. And status while remaining true to herself and her own values. Along the way, she learns the true nature of pride and prejudice in herself and others.

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