Enchanted Doe


ایک ایسی کہانی جہاں ایک بادشاہ اور ملکہ بچے پیدا کرنے کے لیے ہر چیز کے لیے تیار تھے۔ لیکن جب اس کے بچے ہوئے تو اس نے اپنے ہی بیٹے کو مارنے کا منصوبہ بنایا۔ جادوئی دھوئیں نے نوکرانی میں حمل شروع کر دیا اور شہزادی اور نوکرانی ایک دوسرے کے سامنے آن کھڑے ھوۓ – حسرت سے حاصل تک اور حاصل سے بربادی تک کی ایک کہانی –

The King and Queen of the Kingdom of Longtrellis cannot have a child, where the novel is situated. They visit a necromancer, which offers a solution: the Queen can get pregnant by consuming the sea dragon’s heart that has been prepared by a virgin, but at the expense of one life. The sea monster is slain, but the King perishes from its wounds.

Funro is instructed by Kenlo to keep an eye out for a tree that will generate clean water as long as he is alive as proof of his well-being. Elias searches for his companion after seeing that the water has turned crimson one day. Elias is nowhere to be found despite the Queen ordering a search for him. The necromancer explains to the Queen that the two boys are inseparable and that only violence can satiate her violent desires.

The Enchanted Doe Urdu Adventure Tale.

A compelling tale of adventure, mystery, and magic is told in the book “The Enchanted Doe Urdu Adventure Tale.” The narrative takes place in a made-up universe and centers on the exploits of a young hero called Urdu who sets out on a quest to preserve a mythical animal known as the enchanted doe.

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Urdu encounters dangerous creatures and faces numerous obstacles as he journeys through strange lands. Yet he overcomes every challenge with the aid of his pals and the magic he discovers how to control.

The book’s captivating and detailed writing style enables readers to have vivid mental images of the people and places. Both adults and children may use it.

Elias, a boy born to the Queen the next day, with white hair similar to the dragon. He receives wet nursing care from the chef, who gave birth to a boy named Funro on the same day. The Queen is resentful of the lads’ friendship as they grow to be the closest of friends. She aims to murder Kenlo.

Enchanted Doe – List of Chapters

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